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Rebel Kayaks’ Greenland T is for paddlers who want a low volume Greenland style kayak with a larger cockpit. The T- model is therefore a slightly expanded ILAGA designed to give the volume and space to suit the bigger cockpit better, but keeping the same 5.45m length.

It features the same classic lines as the Ilaga with a hard chin all the way along the V-bottomed hull. The front deck is still low enough for paddler contact to aid manoeverability and foreward rolls whilst the rear deck makes for easy laid back rolls.

The rocker is tuned for easy maneuvers. We also added an extra cord on the rear deck to store a storm or a spare paddle. Greenland T features the same laminated backrest that connects the seat with the top of the back rim as on the ILAGA. The backrest can be folded to access a little extra ‘close to hand’storage.

The Greenland T’s deck layout is the same as on the Ilaga except for the additon of a 15cm easy access day-hatch. Steel security rods are placed behind the rim for locking the kayak to your roof rack or for a towing system.

Length: 545 cm Width: 54 cm Weight : ca. 19,5 kg Capacity approx: 135 kg Cockpit rim: 83 x 45 cm Hight rim: 18cm from top of rim to bottom, rear of rim 27cm from deck to bottom, front of rim Skeg: Standard Backrest: foldable integrated + standard soft Hatches: Front + Day + Rear Standard Color schemes: • Hull : Clear / Black / Red / White • Deck : Black / Red / White Custom option: • Carbon / Wood deck structure • Custom color on orders with RAL no.
Sandwich PRO: •Carbon – Epoxy – Cork •Foootrest: SmartTrack •Skeg: integrated box+ KajakSport •Transparent hull:option •Custom Deck: wooden or carbon Sandwich Plus: •Carbon&Kevlar – Epoxy – Cork&Spheretex •Footrest: SmartTrack •Skeg: integrated box+ KajakSport •Transparent hull: option •Custom Deck: wooden or carbon Sandwich: •Kevlar&Diolen – Epoxy / HL– Cork&Spheretex •Footrest: SmartTrack •Skeg: integratted box + KajakSport •Transparent hull: not available •Custom Deck: wooden or carbon