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First of all, Jara is a fast touring kayak…but it’s also a mix of many ideas. These kayaks come in two sizes, depending on your needs, or how much stuff you want to bring along. Or maybe you want to have a workout boat that also can take some gear in a while? They both have the same Swedeform shaped hull with a hard chin and with a fine entry through the water with its smooth shape of the bow. The more volume in the rear also makes it easy to catch the surf and gain a lot of speed downwind.

First of al it’s a skeg-boat, but if you prefer a rudder it will also respond well. It also feastures a hard chined shallow V-shaped hull. It has the same deck layout as on our “Husky” or “Big Dog”. It’s easy to roll, low aft deck. It features stainless steel rods for a towing system or for roof rack security plus has multiple decklines for all of your gear. Our challenge was to create a fast but maneuverable kayak with good stability. Make sure to try one out!

Jara LV Length: 530 cm Width: 52 cm Capacity approx: 125 kg Cockpit rim : 78 x 42 cm Jara HV Length: 550 cm Width: 54 cm Capacity approx: 140 kg Cockpit rim : 78 x 42 cm Hight rim : 21cm from top of rim to bottom, rear of rim 29cm from deck to bottom, front of rim Skeg: Standard Backrest: foldable integrated + standard soft Hatches: Front + Day + Rear Standard Color schemes: • Hull : Clear / Black / Red / White • Deck : Black / Red / White Custom option: • Smart track rudder • Custom color on orders with RAL no.
Sandwich PRO: •Carbon – Epoxy – Cork •Foootrest: SmartTrack •Skeg: integrated box+ KajakSport •Transparent hull:option •Custom Deck: wooden or carbon Sandwich Plus: •Carbon&Kevlar – Epoxy – Cork&Spheretex •Footrest: SmartTrack •Skeg: integrated box+ KajakSport •Transparent hull: option •Custom Deck: wooden or carbon Sandwich: •Kevlar&Diolen – Epoxy / HL– Cork&Spheretex •Footrest: SmartTrack •Skeg: integratted box + KajakSport •Transparent hull: not available