tempI started designing kayaks and racing hulls as a hobby. Then I spent more than ten years designing kayaks for a number of companies (and got ripped off a couple of times). Now it’s time to back off a little and look for the passion and joy once more.

The idea for Rebel Kayaks is to connect design with skilled employees. Workers that have the knowledge and feeling for the materials that they work with. And also have the knowledge and feeling for paddling. It means that I, as a designer, am more closely connected to the process. The vast experience that the builders have will translate into producing high end sea kayaks for demanding paddlers – built on experience! The first two models introduced under the Rebel brand are not “new models”. Instead we have chosen two of my earlier designs that are well known, recognised, and highly regarded by paddlers all around the world. We have made some slight revisions to bring them bang upto date and also put more effort into the lamination and lay ups in order to get stiffer and lighter boats.

Our kayaks will not be produced in big numbers any more.Instead we will focus on putting that little extra effort into each and every kayak.

That’s the difference that YOU will have and feel when paddling a REBEL kayak.

Yours sincerely
Johan Wirsén
boat builder/designer